Complete management of design and production processes

The MB Pack team has been known for many years for its responsiveness and logistic efficiency as well as having other know-how to share.

Instead of being satisfied with distributing a wide range of products, we aspire to create value for our customers and partners throughout the entire packaging chain.

Managing production

MB PACK develops and enhances production processes as part of its know-how to guarantee the overall management of product quality and safety.
Our teams maintain special links with traditional suppliers who are renowned for their reliability and the quality of their products.

800 products in stock

We offer a catalogue presenting a wide range of products with over 800 references in total.
The 800 MB Pack references are always available, listed and stored in our warehouse in Vaiges (53) which will increase from 5,000 to 8,000 m2 by the end of 2018.

Short delivery periods

Our large haulage fleet guarantees a rapid distribution circuit: between 24 hours and a few days depending on the destination.

Values that you can count on

Team spirit

 A desire to work together and be supportive in all situations.


The ability to build and adapt with a desire to see each project 
“through to the end”.


Excellence in details and perfection 
within reach of every individual


A desire to maintain a long-term commitment with simple, 
smooth-running relationships within the firm and with our partners

Customer focus

Respect for commitments, professionalism, active,
preferential local relationships.


The ability to listen to others and put oneself in their shoes in
order to be able to offer the most suitable response
and share experiences and knowledge.


A desire to explore new areas, question oneself and adopt 
new ideas with an open mind.

Managing your preferences on cookies

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