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Eco printed bags

50 micron plastic

Transparent sheath made from low-density polyethylene. In bundles – perforated. With central perforation which can be adjusted on the display stand.

CustomizableFood contactRecyclableReusable

Colors and Sizes

Yellow 120/50+50 x 350 mm
Yellow 120/50+50 x 350 mmBrown 120/50+50 x 450 mmGreen 160/50+50 x 350 mmBlue 160/50+50 x 450 mmRed 160/50+50 x 600 mmBeige 230/40+40 x 400mmPurple 230/55+55 x 500 mmLight blue 300/75+75 x 550 mm

Product features

Reference: 866238

Size: 120/50+50 x 350 mm

Environmental note: E


Box of 1,000 bags 5 x 200 bags

Accessories for:

Eco printed bags

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